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Facial Waxing

Facial Waxing

Facial waxing, encompassing treatments like brow waxing, lip waxing, chin waxing, cheek waxing, and nose waxing, offers numerous benefits beyond just hair removal. Firstly, waxing exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and leaving a smoother complexion. Additionally, it helps in achieving precise and defined facial contours, enhancing overall aesthetics. The results are long-lasting, with regrowth taking weeks, promoting convenience in maintaining a well-groomed appearance. Regular waxing can also lead to finer and softer hair regrowth over time. Moreover, it efficiently removes hair from the root, reducing the risk of stubble and minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups. Overall, facial waxing not only provides a clean and polished look but also contributes to smoother skin texture and prolonged hair-free periods.

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the facial waxing options

Brow Wax

Waxing your brows offers the benefits of precise shaping, long-lasting results, and reduced regrowth for a well-defined and low-maintenance eyebrow appearance.

Lip Wax

Waxing your upper lip provides a quick and effective method for removing unwanted facial hair, leaving the skin smoother and hair-free for an extended period.

Chin Wax

Waxing your chin offers the advantage of efficient and longer-lasting hair removal, promoting a smoother and more refined facial appearance.

Cheek Wax

Waxing your cheeks provides a swift and effective solution for removing unwanted facial hair, contributing to a smoother complexion and enhanced overall facial aesthetics.

Nose Wax

Waxing your nose offers a precise and temporary solution for removing unwanted nose hair, promoting a cleaner appearance and contributing to a well-groomed look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facial waxing can cause discomfort or a stinging sensation, but the level of pain varies from person to person and depends on individual pain tolerance.

Facial waxing can cause temporary redness on the skin, but it typically subsides within a few hours to a day, depending on individual skin sensitivity.

Facial waxing results typically last between two to four weeks, varying based on individual hair growth rates.

Treatment Overview

Procedure Time

20 mins



Full Recovery


Sensitivity Period

6 -12 hours





Results - Duration

4 – 6 weeks

Risks & Complications

Redness, mild irritation, itchiness.

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