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Specialising in Cosmetic Tattoo Corrections, Non-Laser Removal Solutions & Natural Feature Restoration

The Inka On Oxford team is industry renowned for taking on the more challenging cosmetic corrective work and their experience is often called upon by other technicians and beauty professionals for their ‘think outside the box’ approach to strategic advice and education.

Our team are highly skilled in their respective fields and collectively have decades of experience providing and assisting our clients to achieve non-invasive and natural-looking lash, brow and facial enhancements.

We specialise in semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing services and our lead tattooist and educator Katherine McCann is an expert in cosmetic tattoo corrections and removal solutions. Inka On Oxford has worked with many clients who have unfortunately had previous unsatisfactory cosmetic tattoo outcomes. Together we have helped hundreds of women achieve optimal results through our multifaceted approach to cosmetic tattooing corrections, repair or removal procedures. Inka On Oxford is fully council approved for higher risk personal services, skin penetration and laser services.

It is very easy to book in to see us. All bookings are taken online, so you can choose the day and time that fits your schedule.

what can we correct?


At Inka on Oxford, lead expert Kat McCann specializes in utilizing advanced tattoo removal techniques to effectively and safely eliminate unwanted permanent brow tattoos, ensuring clients achieve optimal results with precision and care.


Kat excels in expertly correcting and removing botched permanent eyeliner tattoos, employing specialized techniques to ensure precise and skillful removal for clients seeking flawless and natural-looking results.


Lead expert Kat McCann at Inka on Oxford specializes in the precise removal of unwanted and botched permanent lip tattoos, employing advanced techniques to ensure optimal results and restoring a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance for clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, permanent makeup removal is secure under the hands of a skilled and seasoned technician who adheres to rigorous hygiene and sterilization protocols, utilizing exclusively top-tier pigments and equipment to guarantee your safety.

Individuals seeking correction or removal are ideal candidates for permanent makeup removal, although it is not advisable for pregnant individuals, those with skin infections, or individuals undergoing specific medical treatments.

Removal and correcting old permanent makeup is permanent and fade more and more over time.

Treatment Overview

Procedure Time

1 Hour



Full Recovery

28 Days

Sensitivity Period

12 - 18 hours


Fades with each session



Results - Duration


Risks & Complications

Bruising, sensitivity, redness

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