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PMU Island Retreats

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Elevate Your Skills, Connections, and Business

September 5th-12th 2024 BALI, Indonesia

(FIJI & VANUATU coming 2025)

We are industry leaders that have fought through the burn out and know the importance of work/life balance. That’s why we have created this retreat for you!

This unique opportunity will enhance your skills, allow you to build valuable connections, grow your business and most importantly gain a new refreshing outlook on creating the perfect work/life balance, unwind and become re-inspired.

We’ve created the exclusive PMU Island Retreats where you can immerse yourself into it once in a lifetime transformative cultural experiences that will take your career to new heights!

Why Choose PMU Island Retreats?

We know the frustration with 2 Day Courses and the overwhelm that comes with them! This retreat is a deep dive into industry marketing, techniques that will help you and your business stand out.

Learn industry techniques through interactive workshops from experts in eyebrow color correction, wing eyeliner design, traditional balinese fine line traditional tattooing, marketing and incorporating AI within your business and so much more!

not your ordinary Conference

PMU Island Retreats, the ultimate destination for cosmetic tattoo artists seeking a one of a kind experience. It’s a transformative 8 day experience design exclusively for industry professionals who are ready to take their skills & business to the next level in the world of Permanent Makeup.

Whether you’re just starting your journey in the industry or you’re a seasoned beauty business owner, PMU Island Retreats offers a perfect blend of education, networking and relaxation in a authentic, cultural, breath-taking island setting.

PMU Island Retreats is an experience

Skill Enhancement:

Immerse yourself in a series of masterclasses and workshops led by renowned experts in the field of cosmetic tattooing. Learn advanced techniques, explore new trends, and refine your skills to perfection.

Industry Networking:

Connect with fellow artists, industry leaders, and influencers from around the world. Share experiences, exchange knowledge, and form valuable connections that can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Business Development:

Gain insights from successful entrepreneurs and business coaches who will guide you on strategies to take your cosmetic tattooing business to the next level. Learn marketing techniques, pricing strategies, and client management tips to maximize your profits.

Inspirational Talks:

Be inspired by motivational speakers who will share their personal journeys and success stories. Discover how they overcame challenges, embraced creativity, and achieved their dreams. Leave the retreat feeling motivated and empowered to reach new heights in your career.

Exclusive Retreat Setting:

Escape to the picturesque, a hidden paradise nestled in the heart of nature. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings, allowing you to focus on self-improvement and rejuvenation.

Organized Group Activities

From exploring the local villages, where narrow pathways wind through lush greenery and vibrant markets beckon with their colorful displays, to being immersed in culture, where the rhythmic beats of traditional music mingle with the heady scent of incense wafting from temple ceremonies, every moment in Bali is an invitation to delve deeper into the rich tapestry of its heritage and traditions.

What's the plan?

Bali Retreat Schedule

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Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

the talks


Amber Red

Artist | Trainer | Speaker

Ambers artistic passion and background as an artist has enabled her to become a globally known permanent makeup artist, trainer, and mentor located in Las Vegas Nevada. She completed a 5 year apprenticeship in permanent makeup. During this time, she was able to learn so much, speak at conferences, travel the world teaching classes, tattoo on stage, and she has taught over 4500+ artists (and counting) how to perfect their permanent makeup techniques with over 15,000 happy clients.

For all this, Amber is beyond grateful! Amber specializes in powder brows, ombre brows, combination brows, machine hair stoke eyebrows, many different eyeliner styles where she is known immensely for her wing eyeliner! She also offers lip tattooing. She believes being a well-rounded artist, problem solver, and being highly detailed is what makes her a good artist.

In 2021 she decided to open a beautiful studio of her own in Las Vegas Nevada. She expanded from 1200sq ft to 3000sq ft in her 1st year and now has a talented team of 6! She has been enjoying learning something new every day and mentoring her team!

Her most recent accomplishment is that in 2023 she launched Inspired by Ms Amber Red an online virtual studio to bring to you the highest industry standards for online teaching and to unite artists around the world.

Richard Anthony

Education | Trainer | Registered Training Organisation Owner Eze Training

Richard Anthony, a seasoned small business expert and entrepreneur with decades of experience, specializes in marketing, sales, leadership, cash flow management, customer experience, and productivity. He coaches business owners to unlock their full potential and achieve growth through systematic marketing, exceptional team building, financial monitoring, and delivering outstanding customer experiences. With a diverse background spanning retail, trades, education, body art, and hair & beauty industries, Richard is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Passionate about others’ success, he offers guidance from business conception to fruition.

Wishing you success on your entrepreneurial journey. – Richard Anthony

Katt McCann

Artist | Trainer | Speaker

Meet Katherine McCann, the multi-award winning Australian cosmetic and medical tattooist based in Queenslands beautiful riverside suburb of Bulimba in Brisbane. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for botched corrections & natural feature restoration, Katherine has earned a reputation as one of the most skilled practitioners and leading artists in her field. Her signature ‘natural look’ cosmetic enhancements have won her numerous accolades and her pragmatic & contextual style of teaching made her a sought-after speaker at national and international industry events.
With a postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management and a background in training and strategic business development, Katherine is an active contributor to the Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Network, media writer, respected industry voice and a champion for regulatory standards and ongoing education. Katherine has won Australian Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year x3 times (2023,2022 &2017) and has numerous other awards for her corrections and eyeliner work all of which attest to her expertise and commitment to excellence both in clinic & beyond.

For beauty professionals looking to elevate their skills and knowledge, Katherine is an invaluable resource and an inspiration for anyone looking to elevate their career trajectory and stay ahead of the educational curb.

Leigh Webb


Introducing Leigh Webb, your esteemed hostess at Inka Retreat Bali, boasting an impressive 42 years of traversing the enchanting landscapes of Bali. With an unwavering commitment to ensuring your every need is met, Leigh orchestrates an unparalleled Bali experience.

A connoisseur of the locale, Leigh Webb is well-versed in guiding you through the hidden gems and must-visit destinations, all while offering invaluable insights into the art of negotiation, particularly in the realm of shopping. Embark on a journey through the bustling streets of Bali with Leigh as your knowledgeable companion.

With an illustrious 35-year career in the beauty industry, Leigh brings a wealth of expertise to cater to your spa and massage preferences. Drawing from her extensive experience, she is poised to assist you in curating an indulgent spa experience tailored to your desires.

As a distinguished trainer and assessor in Cosmetic Tattooing for two decades, Leigh Webb combines passion and proficiency to create a space where like-minded individuals can converge. Immerse yourself in a relaxed environment that fosters both rejuvenation and skill enhancement, as Leigh endeavors to bring together a community of individuals seeking to refresh, learn, and refine their capabilities.

Branded Ink

Artists | Trainers

Introducing Branded Ink, your passport to the world of exquisite tattoo artistry in the heart of Seminyak! As an Australian-run studio, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service and unparalleled creativity. Step into our vibrant space, where every corner pulsates with the promise of unique designs and unparalleled expertise.

At Branded Ink, we’re not just a tattoo studio—we’re a family-friendly destination where hygiene meets international standards, ensuring your peace of mind with every visit. From solo sessions to group bookings, our doors are wide open to everyone seeking to embark on a transformative ink journey.

With a diverse team of artists skilled in every style imaginable, including custom designs tailored just for you, Branded Ink promises to bring your vision to life with precision and passion. But don’t just take our word for it—our glowing 5-star reviews across social media platforms speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.

But that’s not all! Experience the latest trend in tattooing with our exclusive fine line tattoo procedure, expertly guided by one of our talented artists. Whether you’re craving a delicate design or a bold statement piece, Branded Ink is your ultimate destination for pushing the boundaries of ink artistry.

One of our talented artists will help you discover the thrill of tiny tattoos, as we redefine the landscape of tattooing with innovation, creativity, and a touch of magic.

Imagine adding Fine line Tattoos to your service menu!

Where every tattoo tells a story, and every client becomes a part of our vibrant, ever-growing family. – Branded Ink

your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

The retreat price includes accommodation, airport transfers to and from Inka island retreat, breakfast, 3x lunch and some dinner packages ( there are so many beautiful restaurants and you can explore these culinary delights on your time ) workshops, voucher for spa treatments*. Additional activities (e.g. extra spa treatments) may incur an additional cost. Please email for details on which activities are not included in the retreat price. Flights, travel insurance and alcohol are not included in the retreat price. *Conditions apply

Also not included is visa on arrival $53 aud

Tourist Levy $15

Refunds are not available for the Inka island retreats. We recommend purchasing travel insurance with Covid and trip cancellation insurance.

Yes, you can bring a friend with you and enjoy twin share accommodation! Please note the retreat cost for twin-share is per person, not per room. Rooms can be booked twin-share either together or separately. If booking separately, please provide your partner’s name in the comments at checkout.

Retreat attendees must be 18+ years of age and have more than 12 months experience in Cosmetic tattoo with certification verified.

Upon booking, we will send you a form to complete, which will include information about any dietary requirements. Please keep in mind that Bali does do a lot of peanut dishes so please be aware and be prepared with appropriate medication

Inka Bali Retreat will go on sale in March ; be sure not to miss out. Places are very limited!

Register Your Interest for our 2025 FIJI & VANUATU

the cost

Pricing & Booking Information

Price For the Bali Retreat September 2024:

  • Single: $5,800
  • Share: $5,300

Not Included in the Price:

  • Your airfare.
  • Essential travel insurance.
  • Visa fees upon arrival (approximately 500,000rp or $53AUD).
  • Any additional meals, drinks, and shopping that fall outside our organized activities.

To secure your spot, we require a 50 % deposit.

We kindly request that participants have a minimum of 12 months of experience in Cosmetic Tattooing, supported by a certificate of course completion.

Bringing a friend who is not participating in education and sharing a room add $1000 to be included in our dinners and spa experiences.

PLEASE BRING YOUR MACHINE and needles ( preferably cordless and needles)

are you ready?

Reserve Your Spot

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your skills, expand your network, and grow your cosmetic tattooing business. Join us at PMU Island Retreats and embark on a transformative journey that will leave a lasting impact on your career. Reserve your spot today and get ready to take your artistry to new heights!

Booking and Cancellation Policy:
- Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years or older.
- Payment: Upfront payment is required for bookings and is non-refundable.
- Refunds: No refunds for cancellations; the fee can be applied to another retreat within 12 months.
- Non-arrival or Early Departure: Payments are non-refundable for these situations.
- Change of Mind: No refunds for change of mind or calendar clashes.
Pricing and Fees:
- Currency and Inclusions: Prices in Australian Dollars (AUD), inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Additional fees are the guest's responsibility.
- Exclusions: Retreat prices do not cover airfares, extra transfers, spa bookings, room service, alcoholic beverages, or additional food and beverages outside of planned meals.
Changes to Retreat Program:
- Flexibility: Itineraries and activities are subject to availability and third-party factors.
- Postponement: In case of unforeseen circumstances, we assist in rescheduling; full refund if attendees opt not to attend the rescheduled retreat.
Third-party Service Providers:
- Acknowledgment: Some services may be provided by third-party vendors with their terms and conditions.
- Participant Responsibility: Attendees assume all risks associated with third-party services.
Travel Insurance and Requirements:
- Personal Responsibilities: Attendees are responsible for visa, health, and immigration requirements.
- Insurance Recommendation: Strongly advise comprehensive travel insurance, including medical and cancellation coverage.
- Health Advice: General advice on health and wellbeing provided, but no medical or professional advice.
- Participant Responsibility: Attendees participate at their own risk, solely responsible for personal choices and wellbeing.
Responsibility & Liability of Retreat Participants:
- Health Disclosure: Guests must inform of health conditions, allergies, or dietary requirements before booking.
- Waiver of Liability: Not liable for injuries sustained during the retreat; guests should consult a doctor before engaging in physical activities.
- Travel-related Responsibilities: Guests acknowledge travel responsibilities, adherence to restrictions, and obtaining necessary documentation.
- Release of Liability: Attendees release Inka Bali Retreats from liability for events beyond control.
Release and Content Restrictions:
- Recording Consent: By attending, guests grant the right to record and use their likeness.
- Content Usage: Content provided by Inka Bali Retreats is for personal use only and may not be distributed without consent.
Indemnity and Liability:
- Guest Indemnification: Guests agree to indemnify against expenses, claims, or losses arising from their booking or stay.
- Limitation of Liability: Our liability is limited to the amount paid for the retreat booking.
Personal Information:
- Privacy Protection: Inka Bali Retreats respects guests' privacy and manages personal information according to our Privacy Policy.

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