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International Woman’s Day

It’s so true when you hear the saying ‘it’s the Little things that matter…’

…and what better time to highlight the importance of these ‘things’ whether big or small, whether work or family related, they provide the opportunity to remind ourselves that throughout the world, it’s the little things that collectively shape a myriad of milestones, it’s the little things that keep the fire in our bellies burning, or mark the lessons that life throws at us so we can grow & change or adjust. It’s the little things that stop us in our tracks, turn us on our heads, remind us to stay humble, to be kind and remain grateful – it’s the little things that can mark your progress and show how far you’ve come, they can also be invisible, intrinsic or innate among many other things – but nevertheless they are yours and they are valuable.

Although we don’t necessarily need a set day to embrace things persae, it’s a good opportunity stop, reconcile, take stock of who you are, what you’ve done & the impact you or your actions may have had on others around you – so smile, be proud, take heart in knowing you too form part of the day which marks the progression of all women, their actions, their struggles, achievements, ambitions and diversities from all around the world.